• COLTENE Management

    Focusing on the global dental market and primarily on dental consumables, COLTENE targets an attractive, long-term growth market, which benefits from demographic development in traditional markets, as well as from rising disposable incomes in emerging markets.


Board of Directors COLTENE Group

Nick HuberChairman of the Board of Directors2005
Erwin LocherMember of the Board of Directors2009
Matthew RobinMember of the Board of Directors2006
Prof. Dr. Roland WeigerMember of the Board of Directors2013
Jürgen RauchMember of the Board of Directors2016
Dr. Astrid WaserMember of the Board of Directors2017
Dr. Allison ZwingenbergerMember of the Board of Directors2018

Executive Management COLTENE Group

Martin Schaufelberger
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)2012
Gerhard Mahrle
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)2014
Stefan HelsingChief Operating Officer (COO)2018
Werner Mannschedel
Vice President R&D2015
Dr. Werner Barth
Vice President Marketing2015
Christophe Loretan
Vice President Sales2015