Upgrade Dentistry

COLTENE is ‘Upgrade Dentistry’

Who wouldn‘t be pleased to receive a free upgrade? When travelling by air or rail, we certainly appreciate better travel comfort and first-class service. And in a digital world, an improved app offers us numerous new opportunities in a matter of seconds. So why not enjoy that extra in quality, reliability and flexibility in your practice? It is precisely this extra in creativity and service that has always been our aspiration at COLTENE: we call it “Upgrade Dentistry“ – or “Better Quality. Better Reliability. Better Practice“.

Better Quality.

Our high quality products deliver what they promise. For example, the reinforced composite bloc for permanent restoration BRILLIANT Crios is one of the most flexible dental materials to find its way into CAD/CAM technology. As a result, this antagonist-sparing material offers unprecedented preparation options: margins of only 0.1 mm thickness can be ground perfectly with BRILLIANT Crios.

Better Reliability.

Reliability is particularly important in daily hygiene management. More and more stringent requirements place high demands on the entire practice team. Watertight documentation gives legal security as well as protecting patients and your own team. With the intelligent Biosonic UC150 ultrasonic device, we are currently showcasing a high-tech cleaner which can reduce your workload considerably. The attractive helper with brains thinks on your behalf and automatically records all the cleaning processes on its integrated hard drive.

Better Practise.

Your needs top the agenda for our clever new developments as a matter of principle. This is why we look closely at how you work and, for example, developed BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow a flowable composite with a brilliant gloss that does not require extensive polishing. Or a bioactive obturation material, called GuttaFlow bioseal, which effectively supports regeneration in the root canal. The list of smart solutions from COLTENE is a long one. As you can see, we always try to deliver that decisive extra in service, ingenuity and practice relevance.


Upgrade Dentistry - Better Quality. Better Reliability. Better Practice.