Erwin Locher

Member of the Board of Directors, year of first election: 2009
Economist, University of Basel, MBA, University of Toronto (Rotman)/University of St. Gallen/SG
Non-executive member

Professional background (main stages):

1979 - 1982   
Internal Auditor, Sandoz AG, Basel/BS
1982 - 1986
Head Logistics, Mibelle AG (subsidiary of Migros), Buchs/AG
1986 - 1987
Treasurer, Zellweger AG, Uster/ZH
1987 - 1991
Vice President Finance, Mibelle AG (subsidiary of Migros), Buchs/AG
1991 - 1996
Vice President Finance, and then President, Allo Pro AG (subsidiary of Sulzer Medica), Baar/ZG 
1996 - 2004
CEO and President Synthes Division, Mathys Medical AG, Bettlach/SO

Other important activities and vested interests:

Presdient of the Board of Directors of Thommen Medical AG, Grenchen/SO
Member of the Board of Directors of Mathys AG, Bettlach/SO
Management and consultancy function for Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG, Port/BE

Key knowledge and experience:

International and strategic management, marketing and sales - experience as former CEO of a global medical device company.

Financial management, audit and compliance - many years of experience as Vice President of finance in a national and international company.

Dental industry - operational responsibility for the COLTENE Group as CEO ad interim in 2011/2012.

Erwin Locher
Swiss citizen, born in 1953

Board of Directors COLTENE Group

Nick HuberChairman of the Board of Directors2005
Erwin LocherMember of the Board of Directors2009
Jürgen RauchMember of the Board of Directors2016
Matthew RobinMember of the Board of Directors2006
Dr. Astrid WaserMember of the Board of Directors2017
Prof. Dr. Roland WeigerMember of the Board of Directors2013
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