Corporate Governance

Modern Corporate Governance

COLTENE fully adheres to the principles set forth in the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance published by econmiesuisse. For easier understanding, the order and sequence of the individual sections generally follow those used in the Guidelines concerning information on Corporate Governance, published by the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The corporate governance policies and procedures are defined in a series of documents governing the organization and management of the company, specifically the Articles of Incorporation and organizational regulations.



Corporate Governance Report 2016

Compensation Report 2016

Articles of Incorporation COLTENE Holding AG

Code of Conduct

Junta directiva del Grupo COLTENE

Nick Huber

Presidente de la junta directiva

Erwin LocherMiembro de la junta directiva2009
Matthew RobinMiembro de la junta directiva2006
Prof. Dra. Roland WeigerMiembro de la junta directiva2013
Jürgen RauchMiembro de la junta directiva2016
Dra. Astrid WaserMiembro de la junta directiva2017
Dra. Allison ZwingenbergerMiembro de la junta directiva2018