• Be well prepared with COLTENE

    1.) Minimize Treatment Risk
    2.) Systematic Surface Disinfecting
    3.) Safe Instrument Reprocessing

    Win against COVID-19

  Information Product
1 Reduce virus transmission via aerosols by using dental dam HYGENIC Dental Dam
2 The use of High-Volume Aspirators decrease the contamination by more than 90 percent ROEKO Concord II
3 Prevent cross-contamination through the use of masks, bibs and covers ROEKO Mask
ROEKO Patient bibs
ROEKO Steri-Quick
  Information Product
1 Clean and disinfect surfaces in one step SciCan OPTIM 1
2 Pre-cleaning and decontamination of dental instruments BioSonic UC40
  Information Product
1 Have a valid process Contact SciCan consultant for an Hygiene Check Up
2 Clean, wash and thermal disinfect BioSonic UC150
SciCan HYDRIM C61wd
3 Disinfect and sterilize frequent and effectively fast SciCan STATIM