• Infection control for your office

    Here are useful information about the temporary closure and reopening of your dental practice, and proper procedures for preparing your office and equipment.

    Win against COVID-19

Re-opening your office

When resuming operation in your dental office, follow the instructions in your Operator’s Manual for the proper procedures for preparing your equipment for use. All IFU’s for SciCan products are available on the product pages at www.scican.com.

Taking the steps noted above will help to keep your equipment in good working order. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your local SciCan/Coltene Representative or call our European Technical Service Team via phone +49 7561 983 43 -620 or send us an Email under: techservice.int@scican.com

General preparation of your Reprocessing Area:

1Disconnect the cleaning solution in your HYDRIM and follow the instructions on the “Prepare for Shipping” settings screen.
2Drain all water tanks from sterilizers as prolonged periods of non-use could allow colony formation in the fresh water holding tanks.
3Drain and disinfect Ultrasonic cleaners.
4Once all maintenance has been completed, shut the water to the office off at the inside meter to ensure no water related accidents happen during your absence.
5Disconnect STATMATIC Spray from your STATMATIC and throw out the absorption pad. Clean all internal and external surfaces.
6For STATMATIC smart Units fully empty out the dental oil and cleaner through the drain hoses. Throw out absorption pad and clean all internal and external surfaces.
7Do a standard office disinfection before and after the office closure.

Prepare SciCan Devices

For more detailed information on the preparation of your SciCan Equipment for the closure please download the needed document:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

for mechanical and manual instrument reprocessing:

when loading washer disinfector

  • fluid-resistant protective gown
  • fluid-resistant disposable gloves

  • fluid-resistant, long-sleeved protective gown
  • protective eye-wear/visor according DIN EN 166 and surgical masks
  • fluid-resistant, long-cuffed gloves according DIN EN 374

    • glove material depends on cleaner, disinfectant and the potential-infectious good

  • cut-resistant gloves while working with sharp-edged instruments/devices
  • respirators (e.g. FFP2 masks) if required

Sterilization, hygiene and maintenance are becoming more and more important in dental offices!

We at COLTENE offer you complete solutions for your dental handpieces and turbines on their way through the reprocessing procedure. For the reprocessing of your dental Handpieces we created a detailed information sheet on the maintenance and preparation of dental and dental-surgical instruments.

Download: Dental Handpieces, Reprocessing Guide (EN)
Download: Zahnmedizinische Hand-/Winkelstücke und Turbinen, Arbeitsschritte der Wiederaufbereitung (DE)

WHO Europe

Please ensure you follow the national regulations that apply in your country. All information on infection control is based on general recommendations and refers to appropriate sources (links).