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    Digital assistance system for canal preparation


Endo Motors

CanalPro™ motors

CanalPro motors are endo devices which are used in combination with rotary files for root canal preparation. The CanalPro Jeni and CanalPro CL motors provide the dentist with two smart systems for successful endodontic treatment.

The new and innovative CanalPro Jeni is a fully automatic, electric controlled endomotor with integrated apex locator which makes preparation amazingly easy, safe and efficient. The Jeni assistance system continuously adapts to the individual root canal anatomy and guides the mechanical and chemical preparation step by step.

The classic CanalPro CL motor is a cordless handpiece that features a large LCD control panel, memory functions for different programs and an auto-reverse mode. Different speed and torque levels can be individually adjusted as required. The CanalPro CL is also available with the option of connecting to the CanalPro Apex Locator and length measurement can be combined with preparation.

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CanalPro™ Jeni

Digital assistance system for canal preparation

CanalPro CL

Cordless Handpiece