RoekoSeal Automix

Root Canal Obturation

Making Progress in Endodontics

Root canal sealer for permanent obturation

RoekoSeal is an exceptional root canal sealer. Its chemical and physical properties fulfill all the requirements of a root canal sealer. RoekoSeal combines exceptional material properties such as excellent flowability, no shrinkage and biocompatibility with practical handling. There is no risk of incorrect mixing. RoekoSeal provides an excellent seal and sets new standards in quality and biocompatibility in endodontics. RoekoSeal flows so well that the root canal and lateral canals are filled effectively. Cell tests, tests for mutagenic effects and sensibilization tests all showed negative results.


  • is extremely biocompatible
  • expands slightly (0,2%)
  • mechanical adhesion to canal wall due to expansion
  • excellent material properties and flowability
  • canal retreatment is possible
  • does not contain eugenol
  • is highly radiopaque for an excellent x-ray evaluation

RoekoSeal Automix

  • ready-to-use
  • dispenses just the quantity required
  • homogeneously and hygienically mixed and free of air bubbles
  • easy to use

RoekoSeal Automix