GI-Mask 3D

Scannable Gingiva Mask

Digitalise & Visualise

The scannable GI-MASK 3D allows digitising reproduced gingiva profiles in the preparation region without scan spray.

  • Scannable without surface treatment
  • Excellent flowability
  • Extremely high elasticity and tear strength

Complete reproduction of the periodontal situation

The use of a gingival mask is particularly important in the fabrication of implant-supported supra-structures to achieve the best fit for dentures. The GI-MASK 3D is a high precision A-Silicone with exceptional flowability,giving a uniform flow around the posts mounted in the impression, and thus guaranteeing a complete reproduction of the periodontal situation.

Highly elastic, tear-resistant and easy handling

GI-MASK 3D is a flexible gingival mask for dental implant and master models. When working on the model, the gingival mask needs to allow for flexible processing. GI-MASK 3D is characterised by extremely high elasticity and tear strength. Nonetheless, it can be processed extremely well with the corresponding silicone trimmer. The scannable properties of GI-MASK 3D allow complete digitisation of the material with conventional desktop scanners without the need for powder. This makes GI-MASK 3D an important link in the CAD/CAM process for fabricating dentures.


GI-Mask 3D