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    Bites of passion



Bites of passion

Speedex has elastic recoverability and reproduction, which is otherwise only achieved by A-Silicones. As a result of the low shrinkage, impressions remain dimensionally stable and can be cast for up to 7 days without problems. Furthermore this premium C-Silicone shows an outstanding wettability and excellent flow characteristics. Saliva and blood are displaced by Speedex medium and have no negative side effects.
The Speedex system gives the advantage to work with only one activator for 3 consistencies.

Speedex offers:
  • 7 days dimension stability
  • Controllable working times
  • Surface active
  • Moisture control
  • Optimized precision

Speedex light body

With hydrophilic properties Speedex has a perfect detail reproduction also in a moist environment.

Speedex putty

Putty material with ideal consictency which perfectly fits to Speedex wash materials.

Speedex putty soft

Speedex putty soft is smooth and easy to mix to a homogeneous consistency. It fits perfectly to Speedex wash materials.

Speedex Activator

Adjustbale setting time to suit the technique by over- or underdosing the Speedex Activator.