Direct Composite Veneering System - A Smile Made Brilliant!

The new BRILLIANT COMPONEER® veneering system is comprised of prefabricated composite veneers for aesthetic anterior restorations in a single visit. The pre-shaped BRILLIANT COMPONEER® shells are based on the innovative BRILLIANT EverGlow® sub-micron filler technology, which results in exceptional polishability and long-lasting gloss retention. In addition, the accurate and continuously monitored production process ensures optimal polymerization to achieve high mechanical strength. Due to the smooth consistency of BRILLIANT EverGlow® and excellent shade matching with BRILLIANT COMPONEER®, the system is intuitive and easy to use. The shells are extremely thin and allow a minimally-invasive treatment to conserve as much tooth substance as possible. As only one visit is necessary, the innovative Composite Veneering System BRILLIANT COMPONEER® opens up new economic possibilities for both dentists and patients. A Smile Made Brilliant!

  • Aesthetic, high-quality anterior restorations
  • Minimally invasive restorations based on composites
  • Only one session - no laboratory necessary
  • Long-lasting gloss and excellent polishability
  • Highly cost-effective for dental practice and patient