• Composites
  • Bulk-Fill Composite
  • Composite veneering system
  • Core build-up
  • Bondings
  • Temporary Material
  • Curing Lights
  • Parapulpal pins
  • Etching gel
  • Luting
    • SoloCem®

      SoloCem is a self-adhesive resin cement with antibacterial zinc oxide that ensures reliable, tight restoration, in concert with a particularly low level of shrinkage. This dual-curing cement achieves outstanding adhesion values that guarantee durable stability on the enamel and dentine without bonding.


    • DuoCem®

      DuoCem is a dual curing resin cement in 5ml-automix-syringes, which is available in Dentin, Translucent and White Opaque. Thanks to the excellent technical values and the easy handling DuoCem is perfect for daily work in a dental practice.


    • ParaCore

      ParaCore is a dual-cured, glass-reinforced, radiopaque composite system available in three shades. The material simplifies the post & core restorative technique, because it is ideal for post cementation as well as core-build ups.
      Additionally, ParaCore in automix syringes is usable for cementation of indirect restorations.


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