Cool Temp® NATURAL

Temporary Restorations

Be cool - stay cool

Cool Temp NATURAL is a temporary crowns and bridge material based on bis-acryl composite. An optimized elastic phase allows the material to be easily removed after a short time in the mouth. The result is an accurate and aesthetic provisional. Available in three shades: A1, A2, A3.5.

  • low polymerisation temperature
  • three Fluorescent shades
  • low shrinkage
  • excellent polishability
  • easy and fast processing time
CCC - Cool Temp - Dr. Raphael Monte Alto (UFF, Brasil)

Coronas provisorias en una sonrisa gingical realizadas con Cool Temp Natural COLTENE realizado por el Dr. Raphael Monte Alto. <br />Colaboradores: Alexandra Dlas, Sergio Kahn, TPD Lauro Costa.

Coroa Provisória em Resina Bis-acrílica

Esse vídeo demonstra a técnica para confecção de coroas totais provisórias com resina bis acrílica.

Cool Temp® NATURAL