KENDA Polishers

KENDA Polishers are rotary polishing instruments used for polishing dental restoratives. The KENDA portfolio comprises a broad selection of polishing systems which are adapted to the different material characteristics of the restoratives in use today. Optimized polishing systems for composites, ceramics, metals, zirconia as well as acrylics are available. Furthermore, the portfolio offers polishing solutions tailored to the various user needs with regards to the polishing process and result. Multi-step systems (such as KENDA C.G.I.) allow the thorough stepwise polishing from coarse to fine grit size, while 1-step systems (such as KENDA Nobilis) are the time saving alternative. Polishers with standard abrasives (aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grit) offer solid polishing results at a reasonable price, whereas polishing systems with diamond grit feature a higher efficiency and excel with aesthetically particularly pleasing results.

Available are designs for intraoral (dentist) as well as extraoral (dental laboratory) use. Also, autoclavable versions for multi-use as well as specially developed instruments for convenient and safe single-use are available.