Treatment Auxiliaries

  • Dental Rolls & Dispenser
  • Cotton Pellets & Dispenser
  • Aspirator Tips
    • Surgitip


    • Aspirator Tips

      Surgitip aspirator tips are proven aids in drying the oral field of treatment in minimally invasive surgery and in aspirating particles.


    • ROEKO Concorde II

      The smooth contours of the Concorde II aspirator tips mean they are comfortable for the patient and easy to clean. Concorde II is made from high quality, durable plastic. The 11 mm tips are supplied with an autoclavable Adapter.


  • Dental Dam
  • Dental Dam Kits
  • Dental Dam Clamps
  • Dental Dam Accessories
  • Dental Scalers
  • Electrosurgery
  • Surgical Sundries
  • Occlusion Verification