Jürgen Rauch

Member of the Board of Directors, year of first election: 2016
Non-executive member
Business economist, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Professional background (main stages):

1993 - 1994  
Management function at Pittra Inc, New York, USA
1994 - 2004
General Manager of Rauch Hungaria Kft, Budapest, Hungary
Since 2004
CEO of Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co OG, Rankweil, Austria

Other important activities and vested interests:

Member of the board of directors of Rauch Schweiz AG, Widnau SG
Member of the board of directors of Rauch Trading AG, Widnau SG

Key knowledge and experience:

Production and Distribution – Long lasting experience in building up and in general management of an international bottling company for liquid consumables

Marketing and Branding – Many years of experience in the positioning and marketing of an international renowned brand in the consumables industry

Jürgen Rauch
Austrian citizen, born in 1967

Board of Directors COLTENE Group

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Erwin LocherMember of the Board of Directors2009
Jürgen RauchMember of the Board of Directors2016
Matthew RobinMember of the Board of Directors2006
Dr. Astrid WaserMember of the Board of Directors2017
Prof. Dr. Roland WeigerMember of the Board of Directors2013
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