Date Product Description
05/2015 PRESIDENT Accuracy and precision of silicon based impression media for quantitative areal texture analysis
12/2014 AFFINIS An evaluation of the fit of metal-ceramic restorations made with an autoclaved silicone-based impression material.
01/2014 AFFINIS Analysis of autoclave induced dimensional changes on addition silicones
12/2013 AFFINIS Evaluation of Dimensional Stability and Accuracy of Autoclavable Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Material
06/2013 AFFINIS Comparison of elastomeric impression materials' thixotropic behavior.
05/2013 AFFINIS Surface Roughness of PVS IM Following Chemical Disinfection, Autoclave and Microwave Sterilization
08/2012 AFFINIS Precision and Handling of A-silicon versus Polyether for Implant Impressions
03/2011 PRESIDENT The dimensional stability of impression materials and its effect on in vitro tooth wear studies
07/2010 AFFINIS Effect of Autoclave Sterilisation on the Dimensional Stability and Tear Strength of Three Silicone Impression Materials
05/2007 AFFINIS Quality of impressions using hydrophilic polyvinyl siloxane in a clinical study of 249 patients.
09/2004 AFFINIS Accuracy of different polyvinylsiloxanes: A Clinical pilot study
08/2004 AFFINIS Klinisch erreichbare Abformgenauigkeit von A-Silikonen
09/2003 PRESIDENT The influence of handling on the elasticity of addition silicone putties
07/2003 AFFINIS Selected Characteristics of a New Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material: A Randomized Clinical Trial
04/2001 PRESIDENT Effect of wash bulk on the accuracy of polyvinyl siloxane putty-wash impressions
05/1999 AFFINIS Dimensional stability of addition cured silicone impressions following autoclave sterlisation
11/1998 PRESIDENT Rheological Properties of Elastomers Before and During Setting
08/1988 PRESIDENT Review of Dental Impression Materials
02/1983 PRESIDENT Curing contraction of addition-type silicone impression materials
12/1982 PRESIDENT Thermal expansion of addition polymerization (Type II) silicone impression materials