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Dental Dam Punch

High quality instrument with 8 holes. Easy to handle and can be sterilized in the autoclave or dry heat sterilizer.


AFFINIS fast regular body is a medium wash consistency with an adequate stability and a fast working time.
AFFINIS wash materials wet the tooth and gingiva extremely quickly and effectively. Its hydrocolloid-like property ensure that the wash material flows into the narrowest areas without applying pressure. Beside the low contact angle thanks to its structure-breaking property of the surfactant agent, AFFINIS fast regular body provides a medium wash consistency, an adequate stability and sets extremely fast.


HYGENIC Guttapercha Points are used in combination with sealers to obturate the root canal after root canal treatment.


ROEKO Dental Dam Accessories

The template is made of durable plastic and is an aid to locating and marking the hole positions on the dental dam.


Alpen Speedster Carbides Ranked as Dental Advisor Top Product for 2019
Alpen Speedster carbide instruments are a perfect blend of power and precision. Ranked as a Dental Advisor Editors' Choice Product as well as Top Product in the Multi-use Carbides category for 2019, Alpen Speedsters are crafted using state of the art technology that makes them one of the leading metal cutting burs on the market.


ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL Bond Ranked by Dental Advisor as Editors' Choice
ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL BOND was ranked as an Editors' Choice product in the universal bonding agent category. ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL may be used for all application techniques and provides exceptional bonding values on enamel and dentin.