Separated files - Shattered Confidence


Root canal treatment is a complex mechanical and chemical procedure performed in biological tissues to heal periapical pathology. Shaping and disinfection of the root canal system are cornerstone for successful endodontic outcome. Mechanical shaping of the root canal system plays a vital role in providing adequate space for satisfactory chemical disinfection and is performed with modern Nickel Titanium files.

This presentation will focus on concepts of shaping root canal system in an effective and efficient manner to minimise mechanical failures of endodontic files.

On completion of this seminar participants will be better equipped to manage endodontic challenges faced in day-to-day practice.



• Understand the benefits of advanced heat treated Nickel Titanium files for minimising the risks associated with instrument separation

• Use of Hyflex EDM/NiTi-CM state-of-the-art file system for root canal shaping

• Identifying and avoiding potential complications during root canal shaping


Workstations available for limited hands-on session. Participants are asked to bring their own loupes and extracted teeth.



Dr Shalin Desai completed his Doctor of Clinical Dentistry, specialising in endodontics at the University of Otago. Prior to specialisation, Shalin practiced general dentistry in private and public clinics.

Shalin runs a specialist practice in Bella Vista, Sydney and holds an honorary educator position with The University of Sydney. He enjoys sharing his clinical knowledge with dental students and GP dentists via continuing education events.

Shalin has published several scientific papers in international journals and is passionate about providing the highest quality evidence-based endodontic treatments.


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