The latest in modern endodontic equipment and techniques


A comprehensive perspective on endodontic treatment and how it can be performed efficiently and effectively. Modern endodontics is rapidly evolving with innovative file types that can create beautiful, conservative root canal shapes. Cleansing solutions and medicaments are changing in their delivery and application and work in conjunction with shaping to produce clean canals. Once canals are clean and dry, they are sealed in three dimensions and restored to function with post and core build-up.  

This programme aims to educate participants on the skills required to utilise fifth Generation files and understand their application for use. Varayini will discuss how to select effective irrigation and medicaments to complement your shaping techniques and explain how to seal endodontic treatments effectively with a robust post and core System.


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26 May 2019 - 28 May 2019

Montreal, QC (CA)

JDIQ - Journees Dentaires Internationales du Quebec

7 June 2019

Kingston ACT 2604 (AU)

Endodontics in the 3rd Dimension

21 June 2019

Parkville Vic 3052 (AU)

Achieving Endodontic Success

22 June 2019

Greansboro, NC (US)

The Highly Esthetic Restorative Practice